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quality / environment

Preliminary note
These guidelines hold firm our beliefs and principles, which set the standards for our activities.

1. The company

We produce and market innovative gear and drive systems. As an internationally orientated family business, we align our activities to the requirements of an ever-changing global market.

2. Our vision

We recognize, stimulate, and meet customer demands. We create innovative, flexible solutions that are leading in function, quality and service.

We rely upon the competence, commitment and creativity of our employees as well as advanced and environmentally friendly technologies, so that we may always be one step ahead and be the world's most attractive provider. We want to delight our customers.

3. Customers

Satisfied and enthusiastic customers are the measure of our activities; they decide on our future. We ensure customer satisfaction through:

  • partnership and trust-based cooperation
  • obliging, friendly helpfulness
  • demand-oriented development and realization of solutions
  • continuous exchange of experience with them
  • reliable, error-free delivery and competent service 

4. Employees

The competence, commitment, creativity, and integrity of our employees are the most important elements of the success of our company. We help our employees to improve their performance through education and training, provide security at their workplace and strive for a fair, performance-related pay.

We motivate our employees, because we

  • trust them based on the principle of "control is good - faith is better"
  • treat them fairly, keep them informed and we listen to them
  • promote independent action through devolution of authority and responsibility
  • provide goal-oriented leadership and recognize exceptional achievement
  • promote their professional development
  • make best use of their strengths
  • create an innovation-friendly climate
  • commit to ethical business practices
  • avoid discrimination

We expect:

  • Commitment and enthusiasm
  • Friendly and fair dealing with each other in accordance with the principle
    "Talk with each other and not one over the other"
  • Integrity, openness and courage
  • Overall entrepreneurial thinking and acting
  • Customer orientation

We work constructively and respectfully with our works Council.

5. Products and services

Our products and services should:

  • stimulate customers’ demands and fulfill them
  • offer benefits to our customers
  • comply with the highest quality requirements
  • make the customer’s task easier to perform
  • make installation and service user friendly
  • be competitive and always one step ahead of the competition

We rely on technical advances, safety and respect for the environment

6. Quality

As a leader in technology and quality, we aim to provide a high level of performance from the first until the last contact we have with our customers and business partners.

Our products stand for:

  • Safety in use
  • Innovation
  • Long life
  • Functionality
  • Service orientation

Our goal is to have satisfied customers who can rely on our quality.
7. Competitors

  • Competitors challenge and motivate us.
  • We strive for fair competition.
  • We respect the intellectual property rights of others.
  • We are in sporting rivalry with them.

8. Environment

  • Our products and processes should be environmentally friendly and resource-conserving.
  • We wish to contribute actively towards the protection and enhancement of our environment
  • We want to demonstrate with our behavior that there is no contradiction between economics and ecology.

9. Community relations

  • We promote open and trusting relations with the general public.
  • We accept our particular social responsibility within our region.
  • We support peace, diversity and social inclusion of people and respect other cultures.
  • We support the young and local sports clubs.
  • We are committed to providing benefits to the general public within the limits of our resources.

10. Partners

We value the trust shown to us by our shareholders that we will

  • act in a professional, dedicated and responsible manner in managing their company with high ethical standards
  • deal carefully with the available equity
  • achieve sustainable profits and lasting increases in value
  • take opportunities, but avoid taking risks that would endanger the company’s existence

The partners are committed to promoting further development of the company, to job preservation and the creation of new employment opportunities.

11. Suppliers

  • Our relationships are based on mutual respect and trust.
  • We strive to achieve reliable long term relationships.
  • We evaluate the performance of our suppliers against demanding, but fair, standards.
  • We involve our suppliers at an early stage in the development of our products and when resolving problems.
  • Our market is international.
  • Competitive regional suppliers will be given preference over others provided that they offer equal performance.
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